Message to Clients

We value the opportunity to work in close partnership with our clients.  It is our goal to develop a total understanding of your business, its assets and liabilities, in order to develop and recruit the best possible candidates for your organization.  Knowing the history, culture and direction of your company, as well as the organizational structure and current priorities, are important as we work with you to develop the candidate profile and position description that will help direct our search efforts.

Over the years, the greatest percentage of our work has been represented by repeat business.  In addition, nearly all of our new business is directly attributed to positive word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers.  Our reputation rests on our clients’ satisfaction.

Please call, write or email us at WGI.

Because we track developments and changes in the industries and functions that we consistently serve, our database is replete with candidates who are intimately known to us.  In instances where we are identifying and targeting new sources, we are adept at introducing ourselves to potential candidates.  In either case, we treat candidates as the precious assets they are:  we respect their status as human beings, businesspeople and individuals with private lives.  We attempt in every way to objectively assess them; we’re upfront, honest and open with them; communicate in a timely way, shepherd them and provide a psychological boost when needed – and make them a part of our business family.